Telomeres and Longevity

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Eating to extend the life of your telomeres is an important part of the anti-aging process. Telomeres are the tiny strands of DNA that shorten over time because of poor dietary choices (lack of veggies and fruit), inflammation, and everyday stress. Research has shown that reducing cellular inflammation can dramatically slow the shortening of telomeres. Diet plays a huge role in reducing inflammation and should be a top priority. Specific nutrients essential to extending life provide the necessary building blocks to support DNA health and extend your natural lifespan.

Eat Foods That Extend Life!

Folate has always been overlooked in its role in Longevity and anti-aging. Researchers reporting in The Journal of Nutrition found that men with the highest levels of folate in their blood have the longest telomeres when compared to those with the lowest levels. Along with a diet higher in folate, you may want to supplement your diet with quality vitamin B12 and the entire B-vitamin family which is also associated with having longer telomeres. Sulfur-rich proteins that come from nuts and seeds are also important in having good telomere health.

Most adults in the United States is mineral-deficient. Independent research projects have come to the conclusion that the minerals zinc and magnesium are needed to complete the DNA sequencing process during the creation of cells. Not having these nutrients can lead to shortening of the telomeres and acceleration of the aging process. A shortage in the diet of trace minerals can speed the aging process significantly. Plant source trace minerals can be found at any reputable supplement store.

Vitamin C has been shown to slow the shortening of telomeres in endothelial cells, which can be very important in slowing or even preventing cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E tocotrienols have been shown to restore the length of telomeres while reducing DNA damage, making it possible for a nutrient to reverse the shortening of telomeres and reverse an underlying cause of aging.

There is no mysterious secret to longevity. Anyone one who eats a diet high in an abundant variety of veggies and a wide assortment of fruits can slow the shortening of telomeres. There was a study of 30 men with prostate cancer who were asked to adopt healthier lifestyles, including a low-fat, plant-based diet. The researchers found that the addition of a healthy lifestyle increased telomerase activity significantly. Refined sugars/starches and the high consumption of processed fats and oils do nothing positive for the health of telomeres and can speed the shortening process. Eat lots of veggies daily to help extend longevity

Randy Powell,