Lower Your Insulin Levels for Blood Sugar Control

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  Much of the food produced today is processed or refined and tends to lead to many health problems for many people. Blood sugar control is a huge problem for most of the modern world. You can make changes in your diet that can help you better control blood sugar levels and remove excess insulin. If you make better food choices, you will teach your body to control insulin levels and less insulin will be needed to feed your cells.

  You can achieve this by resetting your metabolism and lowering the levels of insulin in your body.  To do this, you have to eliminate the things that are knocking you out of balance and provide your body the things it needs to re-establish optimal balance and thrive.

Many fruits and vegetables are healing to the body if eaten regularly.

Here are a few things you might want to try:

  1.   Stop eating wheat flour and processed sugar products especially high-fructose corn syrup. Wheat flour is probably the ONE food that Americans eat the most that raises their blood sugar levels.
  2.   Drink water. It is all you need for your hydration. Everything else just adds sugar that spikes blood glucose (sugar) and insulin levels even more.
  3.   Stop eating fake fats. Processed or refined fats are no longer natural fats and should not be eaten. They promote inflammation in the body. They enemy here are classified as Omega 6 fats.
  4. You can slow the rate of sugar absorption by eating your meals with healthy proteins (nuts, seeds, beans and organic meats if you eat animals) and healthy fats (avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds).
  5.   Eat plenty of high fiber foods every day. If you are eating a diet high in veggies and fruits, this won’t be a problem. Consume a wide variety of whole veggies to get plenty of fiber.
  6. The human body operates better when fed small nutrient-dense meals throughout the day. Eat quality food at every meal. Instead of eating three meals, try eating five or six small meals spread throughout the day.
  7.   Eating more omega 3 fats can help repair cell membranes by making more good fats available. Your body only uses poor quality fats for cell repair when it has no choice.
  8. Exercise enhances your ability to respond to insulin better and burn blood sugar easier. Exercise is the best way that you can enhance your ability to burn blood sugar.
  9.   Many people who have a metabolic problem also consume very few quality minerals on a daily basis. Plant-derived minerals such as chromium, vanadium, iron, magnesium, zinc, bioflavonoids and phytonutrients play an important part in keeping your metabolism working efficientlyThere are many ways to create a healthy plant based salad.

     Removing excess insulin from your body is the first step to take toward healing your blood sugar problem. Eating to keep insulin levels from doing damage will also keep your blood sugar under control. Removing foods that cause your body huge insulin releases need to be eliminated if you want to begin reversing your blood sugar problems. I have found that referring to a Glycemic index chart is effective as I avoid eating carbohydrate foods that score 50 or higher. This works great for me. Improve Type 2 diabetes with a diet high in Alkaline foods 

Randy Powell, Eating-Veggies.com