The End of the Alkaline Diet Controversy?

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I am amazed at how many people miss the point on the way that an Alkaline diet actually works. I guess its just human to make a situation more complicated than it really has to be. You don’t have to measure your pH every few hours or become so concerned about avoiding ALL acid-forming foods to the point where eating becomes a chore, That’s not what this is all about. The Alkaline diet DOES NOT change your pH in your body. That is not why you should be eating this way. Your body handles its pH balance without your help. Vegetables¬†Eating a diet of 60-80% Alkaline-forming foods is a diet that consist of eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits every day. Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline but check out an alkaline food chart to see which ones are acid-forming. Everyone knows that you are eating healthy when you are eating this many plant foods daily so why all the fuss about it NOT having benefits. The truth is… we are better off eating this way to prevent disease. Most vegetables and fruits contain phytonutrients that are essential to our immune defense and should be a part of any nutrient dense diet.

An Alkaline eating style doesn’t mean that you can’t eat acid-forming foods like meat or dairy. That is your own personal choice and you have the freedom to make your own dietary choices. But as long as the majority of your diet consist of an abundant assortment of fruit and vegetables then you will probably become healthier than most of your friends and family! This is what is great about the freedom of eating Alkaline foods consistently. You don’t have to eliminate any particular food group unless YOU choose to. Keeping your Alkaline food intake between 60% – 80% leaves you room for that slice of apple pie or chocolate cake. Eat most of your daily diet as Alkaline foods

Randy Powell,