So here we go… get ready for the return of H1N1. The CDC is recommending that everyone get a flu shot this fall. I personally don’t care for taking the shot and if that is what you want to do then go for it. If you take the correct precautions such as washing your hands and eating an abundance of foods that strengthen your immune system then you will probably be able to fight of any viruses that invade your body. The very young or elderly make up the great majority of flu related deaths.

Eating foods that make your immune system function at full capacity is a choice that you have to make several times  a day. Take your time and make good meal selections without the thought of “i’ll make it up at the next meal”. Be sure to eat 50-80% of your daily food intake in the form of alkaline foods. These foods are very easy to digest and give your body the nutrition it needs to repair damaged cells while boosting its powerful response to infections. Oh, did i not say that eating an abundance of these foods will melt excess body fat!  SEE WHICH FOODS ARE ALKALINE 


Again the federal government has overstepped their bounds and failed… miserably. This time they spent money to get more people to fruit and vegetables daily. Their have been good but in a world full of fast food and frozen microwave dinners, the temptation to eat sinfully is just a bit overwhelming for most people. In other words, the plan ain’t working! People just are not fans of eating plant based meals. Folks here in the USA just prefer high sodium, high sugar, deep fried food.

The Healthy People Initiative was launched back in 1980 to get more people to eat veggeies and fruits. It’s recent report states that the vast majority of Americans simply DO NOT want to eat plant foods in their whole food form. And because of this kind of thinking, many diseases will continue to thrive in North America.

Eating a high veggie, high fruit diet has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. There are many forms of cancer that do NOT thrive in people who eat plant based diets. This type of eating style is lower in sodium, calories and bad fats which in turn lowers the amount of stored fat that you haul around everyday. In other words, a leaner, lighter and attractive you!

  • Women eat more than men on both kinds of produce: 36.1 percent to 28.7 percent for fruit and 30.9 percent to 21.4 percent  for veggies.
  • The age group that consumes veggies the least is 18-24 years (20.1 percent), but the group that likes fruit the least is 35-44 years (28.8 percent).
  • People over 65 are the most enthusiastic consumers of both fruits (41.3 percent) and veggies (29.0 percent). You tend to value these foods as you get older!
  • More Hispanics (37.2 percent ) eat fruits than whites (31.1 percent) or blacks (33.7 percent).
  • College graduates (36.9 percent) eat far more fruits and vegetables than those with only a high school diploma (28.9 percent). You would think education makes a difference but the high school grads actually gets beat by those who never finished high school (31.7 percent).
  • Income level is a big factor among the veggie-lovers (29.4 percent of those earning at least $50,000, compared with 22.0 percent for those making less than $25K), but their is no difference when it comes to eating fruit.
  • People of normal weight (those with a body-mass index under 25) eat much more fruit than obese people (BMI 30 or above). There is not much difference with veggies.


If people would focus more on eating pH balanced meals, we could greatly reduce the numbers of people suffering from heart disease and diabetes. We need to get the medical community on board with endorsing high alkaline foods. Maybe we should wage war against the fast food companies and the businesses who make billions of dollars killing people with their over-processed foods. EAT ALKALINE FOODS ABUNDANTLY! 


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Doing the things that increase inflammation in the body can really force your body age rapidly and develop disease. One of the sure ways to increase inflammation in the body is to smoke regularly. Recent findings by the CDC say that the rate of cigarette smoking in America has not changed much. 46 million people are still smoking cigarettes. And here comes the grim information: 440,000 die of smoking every year. Imagine that 1,000 americans everyday die of smoking and all we do is close our eyes to it. There are less people who die of illegal drugs than die of cigarette smoking yearly. Maybe it is time to outlaw cigarette smoking!

So much early death in America can be prevented with better lifestyle choices. Disease caused by smoking is one of the most preventable causes of death in America yet we refuse to demonize it for what it is. Other major forms of death are preventable through changing the foods that we eat everyday. A diet high in alkaline foods can greatly reduce the odds of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease but to stop lung cancer, you must put down the tabacco. If you know someone who smokes tobacco, talk to them and see if you can help them to put an end to this dangerous and fatal practice. ALKALINE FOOD DIET HELPS TO PREVENT DISEASE 


 The problem of teen obesity is off the chain! The number of fat girls and guys walking around the mall doing their school shopping is totally ridiculous. These kids will definitely grow to be very fat adults with problems like diabetes and high blood pressure if we don’t get a handle on this problem now. The constant media marketing that saturates these teens lives is teaching them how to eat unhealthy meals all day and every day. This correction must start at home.

 Teaching your kids how to eat correctly starts when they are young. It gets tougher to teach older children to eat veggies when they have been eating sweetened refined grains all their lives. You must introduce them to healthy foods early to help prevent this lust for fatty foods and high fructose corn syrup. This is as important as teaching your kids about illegal drugs because these processed foods will kill more people than the illegal drugs do. 


Low Fat Veggie Nachos 


Serves 2 or one if very hungry,

  • 2 cans of store-bought fat-free refried beans 
  • 2 or 3 tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1-2 avocados 
  • A bag of tortilla chips


  1. Buy yourself a big bag of tortilla chips unless you have the time to create your own. I don’t.  
  2. Chop tomatoes and cilantro, mix together in a medium bowl with about 1/2 tsp of salt.  cut up and mash avocado in the same small bowl. Heat up the 2 cans of refried beans. Remember, this dish is supposed to be vegan.  
  3. Spread tortilla chips out on a plate and top with beans,  tomato mixture, and avocado in whatever proportions strike you as optimally delicious. If you want to add some of your own low-fat options then go ahead! I’ll be adding chickpeas and jalapeno peppers.


Eating a diet of 60-80% alkaline foods sets the solid foundation for a lifestyle that is anti-obesity and promotes healthy living. A high alkaline foods diet helps prevent cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and greatly improves overall health and self esteem. Learning to change the pH balance of your daily diet can have dramatic effects on your outlook on life and with better self esteem, you will find it easier to set and obtain your goals in life. Change your life with a high alkaline foods diet 

Randy Powell, Eating-Veggies.com


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