Make your Coffee more Alkaline!

 Increase your Alkalinity

 I very recently started to hear about people who were putting egg shells into the basket of their coffee makers to reduce the acidity of the coffee. This most definitely sounds weird as hell so I did a quick Internet search on the subject and guess what I found. It was true!

 As a lover of good coffee, I will give this a try just to let everyone know if this is something that they should try. Even if it doesn’t change the taste much, reducing the acidity is something that we should be concerned with anyway! Achieving pH balance in our diet is the goal of people on a mission to beat disease. This is just another way that you can get a little healthier every day.


10 cups water
Ground Coffee (use the amount you would normally use for a pot)
1 egg shell

Crush the egg shell into the coffee filter basket along with coffee and brew normally.

I hope you enjoy this healthier version of our morning favorite!

To your good health,

Randy Powell,

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