fresh veggies and fruit help to maintain health and longevity.


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 Ok everyone, I’ll need you to read between the lines on this one so that we don’t set off the Google police. One of the ways to kill a blog’s traffic is to discuss certain taboo subjects. In this case, it’s ED (Please don’t make me say it, they’re listening). So here is what I’m going to do if you are interested in knowing how to keep this condition from affecting your future (or current) relationships.

Avoiding Erectile Dysfunction Problems

 Visit the link above to go to my website page on the subject, if you are truly interested. Believe me, when I say that if you guys (or your man, ladies) eat a diet high in processed fats and sugars then you ARE going to have to deal with this eventually so the choice is yours. If you are already using the little blue pills to “perform” then I suggest you make some serious changes to your diet. 

 Eating whole, natural foods is essential in avoiding heart disease and the conditions that go with them. The high-fat diet that we eat is corrupting our cell membranes, leading to the eventual slow response to Insulin. Your blood sugar levels begin to stay high, doing damage to your vascular system and setting you up for Type 2 diabetes. The high blood pressure problem that usually comes with heart disease will do its damage too. Prevent erectile dysfunction with an Alkaline diet.

Nuff said. Visit the site.

 To your good health,

 Randy Powell,