Type 2 diabetics tend to avoid grains so to control blood sugar.

Low Starch/Sugar or Low Fats for Better Blood Sugar Control?

 I keep hearing people arguing back and forth about the best way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes or prevent prediabetes. Most say to cut back or eliminate grains and sugars from the diet. Grains mean wheat, rice, barley, rye and corn. This does drastically lower your blood sugar levels but does it help to “heal” the problem? Maybe less need for insulin from the pancreas may help the cells to become more receptive to insulin when your body really needs it. Again, this is one side of many arguments that I have read. For many people, this works great and is very effective in keeping glucose levels under control. Grain-free and regular exercise is a good way to burn the excess fat that came from irresponsible eating.

  The other side of the topic feels that is better to remove processed oils and animal fats from the diet. This would require becoming a vegan. A diet of animal protein and animal fats interfere with the cell’s ability to accept insulin, thus leaving much sugar to build up in the blood. Processed oils just are not natural and should be avoided no matter if you are T2 diabetic or not. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine(PCRM) has tested their research against the standard type 2 diabetes diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association and most doctors. The vegan diet worked more effectively than the standard diabetes diet! READ MORE HERE.

  It never hurts to actually do your own research to see for yourself which Type 2 diabetic diet works best for you. And you don’t have to have T2 diabetes to adopt one of these eating styles. Taking responsibility for your future health starts NOW! The damage done to your metabolism was starting when you were young, eating all those kids meals, milkshakes and burgers as a teen. Sugary soft drinks and everything deep-fried is just the American way of life and because of this we have a Type 2 Diabetes epidemic that is rolling out of control. Unless we make a major change in our way of eating, we ALL are gonna need Healthcare insurance. Replace grains with Alkaline veggies for better blood sugar control