A diet high in alkaline foods can help heal the body.


 One of the more interesting opinions that I have read is Christian Wilde. Christian Wilde is always being heard or read spreading knowledge about the effects of turmeric on inflammation. Christian Wilde is famous for his books on inflammation and heart disease and how inflammation is responsible for most of the disease in the human body. If you simply buy a bottle of pharmaceutical grade turmeric and take it twice a day with meals, you can effectively reduce the odds of heart disease, cancer and most all diseases that are related to uncontrolled inflammation.

 Taking Turmeric supplements is easy compared to eliminating your favorite cancer-causing foods from your diet but reducing these foods is still something that has to be done. Taking turmeric along with omega-3 fish oils and a diet of 60-80% alkaline foods daily is the recipe for living a healthy life while minimizing the odds of death from the diseases that kill most of the people in the western world. Turmeric is becoming famous for its anti-cancer properties and should be consumed by every person who wants to optimize his or her health. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin and can be bought in extract form for easy and effective consumption and digestion to fight off the cancer and heart disease related to inflammation.


 There are many other foods that are effective against Inflammation. Omega 3 rich foods are very anti-inflammatory and should become a priority in your daily meal plans. Snacking on walnuts can be the way to eliminate those cravings for candy or potato chips. You do have to control your portions as they are STILL high in fat even though it is a good fat. The best form of omega 3 fat is DHA and it can be found mostly in food sources such as salmon or algae. These sources can be found in supplement form at most health food or grocery stores as they have grown enormously in popularity as of late. Many people who are risk for disease are lacking omega 3 fats in their diets and probably have uncontrolled inflammation in their bodies.

 By eating a high alkaline foods lifestyle, you will lose weight by burning excess body fat which helps in lowering chances of heart disease and diabetes. Veggies and fruit supply the body with needed minerals and phytochemicals that optimize body maintenance and performance. Eat raw nuts such as walnuts and pecans which contain healthy un-heated oils which are full of nutrients. Your diet is your first line of defense against the ravages of Cancer and other diseases. Use this knowledge to reduce your family’s trips to the doctor in the future. Eat more Alkaline foods to help reduce the odds of developing disease

To your good health,

Randy Powell, Eating-Veggies.com



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