Fried foods are not healthy and cause Inflammation in the body.

Eat Cleaner to Burn Body Fat

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 There seems to be a slowly growing trend toward eating a  more natural, cleaner diet than the way we have been known to eat. A diet high in whole plant foods is getting more popular as the Vegan eating movement grows. Most people who are starting out eating a cleaner, healthier diet usually do so because they want to lose weight. In an effort to lower healthcare costs, many people are exercising and eating a better diet.

 In the western world, we have a serious problem with eating a diet very high in omega 6 fats and lots of processed starches to fry in it. French fried potatoes, fried doughnuts, deep fried chicken, batter fried pickles and pretty much anything edible is eaten in abundance once battered and deep fried in processed omega 6 oils. For a high percentage of the population, this means that they have acquired a weight problem. 60% of Americans are overweight and the fear of not being able to lose the fat has forced many into desperation.

Teach your Body to Burn Fat for Energy

So restructuring your diet plan so that it feeds you the minimum omega 6 fats is the best way to reduce the inflammation that comes along with obesity. Once you reduce the inflammation, you will begin to melt away un-needed body fat that threatens your general health.

 NaturallyTo help reduce years of damage done by inflammation, you should eat more omega 3 fats than omega 6 fats. Omega 3 fats are famous for reducing inflammation in the body. Reduce omega 6 drastically and increase omega 3 fats for an extended period of time and your body can and will begin to heal. Reducing Omega 6 fats means giving up ALL deep fried foods!

 Most frying oils are omega 6 fats and they encourage Inflammation in the body especially the joints. You really can’t feel the pain of most Inflammation but you will notice the symptoms. Baked goods are usually loaded full of omega 6 fats and should not be eaten. Doughnuts, cookies, crackers, sweet rolls and cakes are all loaded full of the type of fat that causes inflammation.

Replacing the starches in your diet with as many different veggies that you can eat daily is an excellent way to give your body the nutrition that it needs without feeding yourself excess calories. There are thousands of different types of veggies and fruits on this plant so please eat a wide variety. Don’t get into a rut of eating the same veggies and fruits every day. If you are not working out several times a week then you really don’t need to eat starches anyway.

 Many people are finding it works well for them to not eat any grains at all. It keeps blood sugar levels under control and accelerates the burning of fat for energy. Keep eating wheat, rice and corn to a minimum, maybe 2-3 times a week. Eat a diet high in Alkaline foods to help lose body fat

Randy Powell,