coconut oil is a good fat.

Eating the Right Fats For Healthy Weight Loss

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We need to face the truth: we eat far too many fats. In particular, we eat too many processed fats. Consuming a diet high in Omega 6 fats can increase inflammation dramatically. Eating more natural fats, very little processed fats and a low carbohydrate diet can make you healthier. This along with a wealth of alkaline foods daily is what your body needs to remain strong. The minerals and phytonutrients found in alkaline foods are the type of nutrients that your body really needs to maintain good health. Eating natural foods and NOT eating “food-like” substances is needed to help our body to remember how to process calories naturally without the interference of chemicals and toxins that were never supposed to be there in the first place. But first, we need to start eating the right kinds of fat.

The increase in DHA in the diet helps reduce inflammation and eliminating processed fats from your diet will also reduce inflammation. I have read studies done on the ability of high doses of DHA and its ability to turn around Type 2 diabetes in people who consumed a low-fat diet. The link between omega-3 fats and Type 2 diabetes has been unclear. Some studies have revealed protective effects with high intakes. If you were to lower your carb intake close to nothing (20 grams a day) and consumed high daily doses of DHA (1000 mg), you may find an effective way to increase insulin uptake. The strongest evidence for omega-3 fats, however, is their ability to cut the risk of heart disease. It’s been figured that eating one or two servings of fish per week can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent. Of all the good fats, DHA is the one that is best!


 Calorie restriction society has stated that eating fewer calories also reduces inflammation. Research has proven that eating less do extend life in most animals and humans get their excess calories from high-fat foods products made with processed oils If you were to remove most of the omega 6 fats from your diet and also eat far less grains and processed starches, you would be easily eliminating the 25-35% of extra calories that keeps your body inflamed and diseased. Let’s say that you eat 2400 calories a day and you eliminated 25%-30% of your calories. That would be 600-750 less calories a day of un-needed calories that you could live without and the healing process can begin. Without the omega 6 fats, inflammation will begin to relinquish its hold on your body. For some people, this can be done by simply removing fried foods from their diet.

 In America, we like to deep fry all kinds of carbs in processed fats. Carbohydrates are supposed to be healthy. Carbohydrates give us energy. Adding processed fats makes carbs into something we can do without. When we eat more carbohydrates than our body’s energy requirements demand, those extra carbs are turned into body fat. So many of these high carbohydrate foods are prepared with processed oils such as trans-fats and semi-natural oils that many of these foods become a health hazard despite their flavorful taste. The high-fat creams and butter sauces added to pasta or the multitude of trans fats added to baked goods can make a once healthy meal very unfriendly to your health.

 The Human body has an effective way to carry reserved energy for future burning. It’s almost like having an extra gas tank on your car. Body fat is simply energy that is being stored for later use but the key is that you need to USE it. When we consume fewer carbs than our energy needs require, such as in times of famine, our body gets its energy by burning the stored body fat. Americans are good at storing the fat. The only problem is, there is such an abundance of food that we never have the need to use that fat. The steadily increasing lust for carbs and the sweetness of sugars is raising our blood sugar levels to the point of where we are continuously feeding our fat cells more and more stored energy from the overload of so much glucose in the blood. A diet high in alkaline foods helps to control blood sugar

Randy Powell,