Turmeric is excellent for cardiovascular health.


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  It seems that everywhere I look on the internet there seems to be an article touting the benefits of eating turmeric. Millions of people here in America are big fans of Indian cuisine. So how is it that so many people have not heard of the health benefits of the Indian spice Turmeric? Dr. Mehmet Oz has always made positive statements about Turmeric and its powerful phytonutrient curcumin and recommends taking it daily. Turmeric seems to be getting famous for its medicinal properties and is finally getting its due. It seems that whenever Dr.Oz speaks, the world listens so maybe we had better take a good look at this spice made famous in Indian cuisine.

  Turmeric was originally used as a dye, at least in ancient times. Its use as a spice goes back thousands of years. It is the primary spice in curry powder and used in various recipes. I like curry in most dishes since I sort of have a weakness for Indian cuisine. The Thai curry dishes seem to be a bit too sweet for me. Hot curry sauce and sauteed vegetables are a delicacy that makes my mouth water even now. I love the smell of curried veggies on the stovetop. Vegans around the world speak of the flavor that curry brings to an assortment of vegetable dishes that are native to India and adored around the world.

Turmeric is effective against inflammation.

  The medicinal uses of turmeric go back to ancient times. Only recently has the scientific world started to sing the praises of turmeric and its effects on cancer tumors and Alzheimer’s disease. There are many medicinal uses for this spice. Curcumin may be of help to people who suffer from arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health problems directly caused by inflammation. Turmeric is extremely effective against Inflammation especially when pro-inflammatory foods are removed from the diet. Not enough attention is given to the ravages of Inflammation that occur throughout the body. Pro-inflammatory foods that are popular are processed oils, wheat, and dairy. Omega 6 fats eaten in excess are very inflammatory. Eat a lot of turmeric to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory powers.

  Working this spice into your diet shouldn’t be hard. Shake some ground turmeric or curry powder on your vegetables or rice at your next meal. You can buy turmeric in its fresh raw state at your local grocer or health food store. Or you can buy them in capsule form and take them with your food. Eating an Alkaline diet can reduce Inflammation

Randy Powell,  Eating-Veggies.com