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I found out some time ago that the best way to melt away excess body fat was to charge up my metabolism throughout the day. One of the more effective methods to use that will pump up your metabolism is to eat an abundance of alkaline foods throughout the day while removing starchy carbs from your diet. This forced my body to burn fat for energy while keeping me full of good food. Many people do not equate starchy foods with sugar intake but that is exactly what it is. Your body has no problem converting these starches into sugar and spiking your blood glucose levels for extended periods of time. Many people who have problems with elevated blood sugar levels have learned to control this problem by removing grains from their diet. Some people have gone as far as to eliminate rice and corn along with grains like wheat and reversed their type 2 diabetes to the point of being able to reduce or eliminate the need to take medications.

This blood glucose problem that is running rampant in America isn’t going to solve itself. It is your personal responsibility to control what you eat. You have to make intelligent moves when fighting the war against body fat accumulation. The modern world consumes too much sweeteners and processed starches which in turn makes us fat and diabetic. When removing the grains like wheat from your diet and replacing them with alkaline veggies and fruits, you are eliminating calorie-dense foods for foods that are nutrient-dense with less caloric value. By eating lots of alkaline foods all day everyday, you are constantly feeding your body the nutrients it needs without spiking your blood sugar levels too high. Blood sugar that isn’t used as energy gets deposited as fat. If you have a metabolic problem such as pre-diabetes, your blood sugar will stay spiked and will do damage to your nerves, eyes and cardiovascular system.

People will often replace the wheat, rice and corn in their diet with foods that are far too high in fat. You should eat healthy fats instead of the processed fats used in ready-to-eat foods and meals. The good fats found in foods like avocado, coconuts, flaxseed and cold water fish is very healthy and can reduce the odds of developing cardiovascular disease. The processed fats used in fast food and restaurant cooking is highly processed even though it is advertised as vegetable oil. Eat fat that is formed naturally like virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or REAL butter. Commercially produced cooking oils are toxic and cause inflammation in the body. Avoid eating trans fats, margarine, vegetable spreads, shortenings and vegetable oils. Your best bet is to keep fried foods to a minimum while eating healthy fats when you can.

Eating a diet high in veggies and fruits is recommended by doctors of most fields of medicine. Alkaline veggies are very rich in minerals and phytonutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and to maintain pH balance.   Eating an abundance of veggies and some fruit everyday can help to reduce the odds of developing many forms of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The antioxidants and phytonutrients found in plant foods have the power to heal a damaged body when eating in abundance. If you eat 60 – 80% of your daily diet in the form of alkaline foods, your health will be optimized by boosting your immune health, creating consistent bowel movement and improving your ability to burn body fat quickly. Reduce Inflammation by eating  an Alkaline Diet 

To your good health,

Randy Powell,