Beating Type 2 Diabetes with Alkaline Foods


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 The Alkaline diet has become a popular and healthy way for people to lose weight and control Type 2 diabetes. This is an extremely healthy way to eat! A diet high in an abundant variety of veggies and fruits is the foundation to eating an Alkaline diet! The celebrity-popular Alkaline diet is an eating style in which a person consumes the majority of their food in the form of alkaline-forming foods. By eating a diet of 60-80% alkaline-forming foods daily, you can melt away excess body fat while preventing the development of Pre-diabetes or even Type 2 diabetes.

 This eating-style ask that you eat the way you were naturally designed to eat. That means a lot of veggies and fruits. Eating a lot of different high-fiber vegetables and fruits keeps blood sugar levels in check because you will probably be eating a lot less grains due to your high consumption of veggies and fruits. This is extremely helpful to those with type 2 diabetes. A diet high in purple or blue fruits and rich in red, green or orange vegetables can really optimize the ability to fend off diabetes and also melt away a lot of body fat. 

 Eating grains is becoming less popular among many people. Consuming less wheat has become the thing to do if you want to shed fat and get healthier. Many people with Type 2 diabetes have remove grains and other starches from their diet. Most researchers are suggesting that the public reduce the amount of refined carbohydrates that we eat. Refined starches lack fiber that it once had before processing and without the fiber, the starch breaks down much too quickly which causes a spike in blood sugar levels.

 Limit your grains unless you are very physically active. Many people eat a diet high in grains, corn and rice while living a non-active lifestyle. Living that type of lifestyle is a sure way to develop a blood sugar problem such as T2 diabetes. This tends to keep a person fat or even obese. Eating a wide assortment of alkaline veggies instead of these starchy carbohydrate foods can heal obesity effectively. 


 An alkaline-forming food is determined to be alkaline by measuring the pH of what is left after digestion, not before. Many foods that are determined to be acid before digestion become alkaline during the digestion process. An example would be citrus fruits.

 By eating more of various foods that are on the alkaline end of the pH scale, you are consuming foods that are usually rich in antioxidants and are considered healthier to eat. Much needed minerals and phytonutrients are found in these foods. People who suffer from Type 2 diabetes know the importance of eating a diet high in veggies as many sufferers are lacking severely in the minerals needed to make their metabolism healthier.

 Citrus fruits such as lemon contain minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium that make the food alkaline upon digestion. Yes, these fruits are acid but absolutely become alkaline once digestion begins.

 Eating a wide variety of alkaline veggies every day can lead to better blood sugar readings. So a diet high in a variety of veggies daily should be encouraged to everyone who wants to be healthier. There has been much research done that indicates that eating a low-fat vegan style of diet has shown positive results among type 2 diabetics. I invite you to google the words “low-fat vegan, type 2 diabetes” and read how this disease can be reversed. 


Becoming a Vegan is a good idea if you take a hard look at the research being done. Even without the Type 2 diabetes evidence, there is quite a bit of information that indicates that Vegans are among the world’s healthiest people. Those who choose to eat an abundant assortment of alkaline veggies and fruits every day tend to be in overall better health than those people who choose to eat high sugar, high fat foods.

 The obesity rate around the planet is getting worse and worse every year as people continue to indulge in foods that are helping to develop life-threatening diseases. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely related and are a symptom of a poor diet. The modern world seems to have the concept of healthy eating turned backward. We are eating worst than ever and diet-related diseases are out of control. Digestion of a diet of 60-80% alkaline foods seems to be easier and more efficient than eating a lot of meat, dairy and refined grains at every meal. 

 Eating a wide variety of alkaline foods can lead to better blood sugar readings. So a diet high in a variety of veggies daily should be encouraged to everyone who wants to be healthier. There has been much research done that indicates that eating a low-fat vegan style of diet has shown positive results among type 2 diabetics.

 One of the other advantages to eating an abundance of veggies and fruits is that a high alkaline-foods diet is rich in minerals and helps us to use less of the minerals stored in our body to maintain the slightly alkaline pH environment that it prefers to operate. This keeps teeth and bones strong as we get older. A high alkaline foods diet could also be labeled as “anti-aging” because it increases your consumption of antioxidants and reduces Inflammation in the body.


 Eating an unhealthy diet every day means that we will suffer more as we get into our senior years. I’m sure everyone knows someone older who is having problems with their joints or weak bones. What happens is our bones counteract the acid-producing foods by breaking itself down to release minerals such as calcium, phosphates, and alkaline salts into the blood. This can lead to Osteoporosis as our bones get thinner and weaker as we get older. This problem gets worse if you have a diabetes problem.

 We must encourage our senior citizens to eat less acidic foods and more pH balanced, vegan meals to help save their bones. Eating vegan means that you consume no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. There are many older people who swear that their youthful energy and vigor is because of their high alkaline vegan lifestyle. 

  Many researchers believe there is a common factor to most diseases and illnesses. Inflammation can result from eating a high-fat and high-acid-forming foods diet over a prolonged period of time which can lead to cell damage that causes prediabetes. This is partly the reason that diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease are so rampant in America. 


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 Eating a low-fat vegan diet is much more effective in fighting disease and maintaining quality health because of the high consumption of alkaline foods involved. Eating a vegan diet along with consuming low-fat foods can heal many ailments found in modern hospitals. The high acid diet that most Americans eat is meat and wheat based, both are acid foods that must be eaten in moderation to keep your pH balance in check.

 There is evidence that pH balanced diets may help prevent the formation of kidney stones, osteoporosis, and deterioration of muscle tissue as we age. The relationship between an alkaline diet and decreased chance of chronic disease is still being established but most doctors would support eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits. The American Heart Association strongly urges the public to eat a diet high in a variety of fruits and vegetables daily! 

Cooking destroys enzymes we need to slow aging. Eat plenty of raw foods daily.

• COOKED FOOD is DEAD FOOD! Be sure to eat a diet every day that consists of some form of raw veggies, fruits or raw nuts.

• Eating an abundance of nutrient dense foods such as green leafy veggies or dark blue or purple berries can slow aging.

Alkaline foods are needed to help prevent the leaching of calcium from our bones and teeth. These foods are rich in minerals and phytonutrients.

• Raw alkaline foods help cleanse the body and are needed to help prevent body toxicity. (waste backup)

• Un-eliminated waste poisons the body and weakens our immune system. A diet high in plant foods pushes waste through the body quickly.

• Acid-forming foods such as meat and dairy are aging us very fast!

• Our bodies prefer foods that have a slightly alkaline pH balance.

• We must eat meals rich in alkaline-forming foods every day.

• Our body works most efficiently when maintaining low glucose levels while eating a nutritious diet of high-water content nutrient dense plant foods.

 ARE YOU OVERWEIGHT? Eating a high alkaline vegan diet means you are eating less high sugar, high fat foods. An alkaline foods diet is naturally lower in calories. The human body works at its best when glucose levels are moderate to low level!

• Joint Pain and Arthritis: Eating a low alkaline diet may mean you are not eating enough calcium from plant sources.
• Osteoporosis: Again, get your calcium from alkaline plant sources. A vegan diet is effective against this.
• Low Energy and Chronic Fatigue: Eating an acidic diet lowers oxygen levels in the body. Eating high-water content foods such as alkaline foods can re-hydrate your body, energize you and help fight diabetes!
• Heart attack: The American Heart Association highly endorses a diet high in a wide variety of veggies and fruits. A diet high in pH balanced meals helps prevent heart disease and diabetes!
• Acne: A high acid-forming food diet promotes toxicity within the body. Toxins start to ooze out of your body through your pores.
• Frequent Colds, Bronchitis, Infections, Headaches: A high alkaline foods diet boost your immune system to fight viruses and bacteria…

Hey, Do you Think it’s just Coincidence that Alkaline foods are mostly Veggies and Fruits? These Plant Foods are meant to be the Foundation of our Diet.

Our high acid-forming diet is at the root of the Diabetes and Heart disease problem facing many modern countries. I can not overstate the fact that we need to eat much more meals that are ideal in pH balance. When alkaline foods are eaten in abundance, they become the true nourishment needed to calm the unending urge to eat. When your body thinks that it is starving, it will conserve fat and began to signal the brain to activate your appetite. Veggies and fruit are full of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that we need to live and phytonutrients that we need to live. And still, we continue to eat the same acidic, lifeless foods everyday, slowly starving our bodies cells. And the body continues to store this food as fat every day.

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 Many plant foods are anti-inflammatory foods, which means that they can help reduce the inflammation found throughout the body. Most of the acid foods such as processed fats and flours are pro-inflammatory foods. Much inflammation is the result of a poor diet high in pro-inflammatory foods. Many alkaline foods are anti-inflammatory. 

Some researchers believe that inflammation is the root cause of most disease suffered by people in the modern world. By eating a high plant food diet, you are increasing the number of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet and decreasing the odds of developing most cancers known to mankind. Eating alkaline-forming foods can be crucial to preventing Type 2 Diabetes and Heart disease. 


The optimal strategy for good health is a 60-80% alkaline foods diet daily. Eating an abundance of plant foods in their raw form is best for rejuvenating your body but cooking your alkaline foods is fine. Live enzymes are found in raw plant food. Enzymes are essential in building and maintaining health. These living microscopic structures are in all fresh, raw fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables and are necessary to help digest food when we eat it. Whether it be cooked or raw, eating a wide variety of alkaline-forming veggies and fruits can turn your health 180 degrees toward the better. This type of eating style awakens cells and cleanses built up toxins from the body. 

Your body simply prefers a diet that is slightly alkaline.

 Eating some raw foods during the day in the form of salads or just raw fruit can be beneficial to your overall health. Digestive enzymes found in unheated foods are used to break food down into its nutritional component parts so that our bodies can sort out the nutrients and utilize them throughout the body for repair and maintenance. However, cooking alkaline foods also destroys enzymes. While trying to digest cooked food, our body has to rob enzymes from our own enzyme reserves, ultimately depleting them and weakening our immune system and decreasing our ability to fight off unfriendly bacteria and viruses. What was once a living alkaline edible substance becomes totally dead very rapidly with exposure to high heat.

 Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans are obese and have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Their choices of eating junk food or fast food is catching up with them. Eating mostly cooked acidic food every day is not creating a positive health situation. Actually, it is beginning to drain our energy and age us very quickly. The best health care package that could be created is one where the masses would be highly encouraged to eat a diet high in veggies.

 Almost all non-genetic diseases are a result of lack of digestion of high fiber alkaline foods and improper elimination of the foods we eat. Plant foods that are high in fiber should become an important part of your diet. Would you believe that there people are who go an entire day without a elimination? Eating processed, lifeless food stuffs in huge amounts every day is draining you of your life-force. Alkaline foods contain the life giving properties that we need to help pH balance and wake up our cells! 

 In order to live long healthy lives, humans must eat plenty of living, alkaline foods at every meal. Enzymes are the life force of all people and can be found in raw, plant foods. If we do not eat enough enzymes, more digestive enzymes must be taken from our bodies own dwindling enzyme reserves. Over time our enzyme reserves are depleted and our immune systems become weak and acidic, which in turn leads to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and most non-genetic diseases known to man.

 To get enzymes and phytonutrients from our food, we must eat plant food in its raw or slightly cooked state. Don’t overcook your vegetables. In reality, we eat far to much cooked food especially fast food and very little of what we eat is raw fruits and veggies. Enzymes are killed when food is heated above 118 degrees. Cooking kills the enzymes that our body needs. And cooked food is toxic and provides very little nutrition for our bodies. Always eat a wide variety of veggies everyday!


Now, I prefer that everyone consume large amounts of raw, living veggies and fruits daily. But in this culture it just doesn’t work like that. In the modern world, people just prefer processed, lifeless, acidic, cooked food. Fast food is just convenient. If you feel like you have to eat this way then you should be taking advantage of quality supplements.

Replace grains with nutrient-dense Alkaline vegetables and fruits…


    •  Eat lots of veggies especially green leafy veggies: Both green leafy vegetables and non-leaf vegetables contain a variety of nutrients compared to their calorie content. Most are alkaline. Eating a diet high in these foods can help deter diabetes and heart disease.



    • Replace simple sugars and flours with as much veggies and Whole fruit as possible: Sugars and flours generally contain very little nutrition for their calorie content. Eating starches and sugars can keep your blood sugar levels jacked up all day, which can lead to Diabetes.



    •  Keep animal protein consumption in check: Protein is required for your daily nutrition. Keep animal to a minimum. Meat is not alkaline and can be eaten in moderation daily.



    •  Vegetable proteins can be balanced by combining different foods: Combining legumes (beans) with grains will yield a balanced protein, and rice protein can complement the proteins in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or spinach.



    •  Eat mono unsaturated fats, avoid saturated fats and don’t avoid Omega-3 fats: Plant foods that contain mono unsaturated fats include olive oil, almonds and avocados. A good amount of fat should be in the form of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in mackerel, salmon and flaxseed oil. Eating good fats is also helpful in preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes.



 Having a healthy intestine is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Eating refined, fiber-less foods has resulted in sickness and disease because of a dysfunctional colon. Eighty-percent of all the nutrients from food are absorbed through the intestine. If we would eat the alkaline foods that Creation intended, our intestine will be healthy and clean. 

 You have seen Dr. Mehmet Oz when he displays human organs that are ravaged through our eating habits. It is not a pretty site. Nature designed our food with a healthy digestive system in mind. The higher the percentage of raw, alkaline foods in your diet, the healthier and happier your cells are going to be as the process begins to slow aging! 

 Eating lots of meat and dairy products help to keep your body’s PH levels in an acidic state, which your body then corrects by using available minerals. Veggies and fruits are mineral-rich alkaline foods and help fight disease by making the immune system strong and unpleasant for bacteria and the development of disease.  

 You can reduce inflammation throughout your entire body by eating an abundant variety of alkaline foods. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has published research that provides evidence that a high acid diet causes bone loss while an high alkaline diet prevents bone loss. Eat as much fruits and veggies as you can eat everyday!


 Clean and Detox your body with Alkaline Foods! 


 By eating so many processed fats and processed sugars every day, we are overworking our body has we try to handle having so much blood sugar and insulin floating around. Eating a diet high in alkaline foods helps to clean the body of toxins and sugars that have accumulated. Take advantage of the anti aging properties of living foods. Abundantly eat as many veggies and fruits that you can daily. They are much easier to digest and provide you with the nutrition needed to clean excess waste from your body.

 The Human body digests food for its nutrients and sends some nutrients to cells to be converted into fuel for energy. When the cells finish processing these nutrients, some waste is created. This waste can also cause inflammation if it is not romoved from the body. This is not good for people wanting to improve their Type 2 diabetes, Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help your body to remove such waste from the cells to the blood, which is eventually carried to the colon and kidneys for excretion from the body. Learning to maintain proper pH balance can help your body cleanse itself more efficiently. 

Disclaimer: Throughout this website, statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of food and/or nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Ask your doctor about the effects that a high vegetable and fruit diet can have on your diabetes before attempting it. 

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VEGETARIAN -Being a vegetarian means NOT eating the flesh of ANY animal. Some vegetarians eat dairy and eggs.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION -A diet high in processed sugars and refined fats has this condition crippling many a man’s ego worldwide. 

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR -This is a very popular and effective way to add Alkalinity to the diet. Also has many known remedies.

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Eating a plant-based diet is best for people with type 2 diabetes and the more plant foods you eat, the better you will probably feel. Alkaline foods are essential to a healthy lifestyle! Your body needs plant enzymes from green, alkaline foods to help regulate every biochemical and metabolic process in your body. Cooking food destroys the very force that keeps us alive and healthy. When eating to improve your pH balance,
always eat a diet high in raw fruits and veggies.